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Legal Disclosures


Here you will find the required Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Disclosure Documentation for GGM Wealth Advisors. We manage over $265 million for more than 150 individual investors, corporations, pension plans and foundations. We make buy and sell decisions for our clients, but do not hold their assets. Assets are held in custodial accounts in the client’s name at Charles Schwab and Company, Inc., one of the nation’s most respected custodians, administering more than $1.3 trillion in client assets.

The SEC Form ADV is a form filed by Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and contains information about assets under management, types of fee arrangements, advisor backgrounds, and a firm balance sheet.

GGM Wealth Advisors’ Privacy Policy describes our commitment to safeguarding the confidential information of each of our clients. It also contains our position regarding the confidentiality of our client’s information and clearly states that we distribute NO client information without consent.

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SEC Form ADV Part 2

Privacy Policy

SEC Form ADV Part 3