What causes people of all ages to get outside and walk miles to catch fictional characters? Unless you have been living under a rock the past week, you know that the answer is Pokémon GO, the latest digital obsession.

Perhaps it is the touch of nostalgia that Generation Y feels as they remember trading their Pokémon cards on the playground, the social connection players feel when they run into each other chasing the Charmander on the next block, or the distraction it provides from all that is happening in the real world. Whatever the case is, there is no denying that Pokémon GO is the latest trend to take over social media, the news, and sidewalks.

Pokémon’s well known slogan of “Gotta catch them all” refers to the hunt players find themselves on in an effort to catch the different Pokémon species and build their Pokedex. While a rewarding approach for playing Pokémon, the same cannot be said for your portfolio’s investment strategy. Investing in the right categories at the right times may have a significant impact on your portfolio’s growth potential.

Which would you rather “Catch” this year?

a) Utilities stocks…… +20%
b) Financial stocks…. -1%

At GGM Wealth Advisors we seek to shift portfolios towards sectors we believe are best suited for the current economic environment. For help “catching” the right categories in your diversified portfolio, please contact GGM Wealth Advisors.