Trick or treat!” Soon kids will be out and about dressed as ghosts, goblins, princes and princesses, animals, superheroes, and much more. “Knock, knock, knock” we will hear at our doors, answering with anticipation to see who and what is visiting in search of their trick or treat.

While I pride myself on providing the best candy bowl on the block, not everyone goes the treat way when it comes to the trick or treat. I refer to those houses as the “trickster” houses. These folks spend days converting their house into a haunted house, making mystery boxes filled with spaghetti brains and peeled grapes for eyeballs. As a kid, whether or not you wind up at a house with treats or tricks, you are still having a great time. It is Halloween after all!

But when it comes investing, would you rather receive treats or be tricked?

On the surface an investment will never be labeled as a “trick” or a “treat.” However, without proper research to discover what is hiding under the “mask,” investors may be deceived into paying higher fees and hidden kickbacks. At GGM Wealth Advisors, our comprehensive screening process eliminates the “tricksters” by utilizing low cost indexes and institutional mutual fund share classes to minimize fees. For help filling your portfolio with the most appropriate set of investments, contact GGM Wealth Advisors today.